Essential for your project protection


When you need a bond to fulfill contractual requirements, our surety team has the solution. Amazon Insurance has the knowledge and expertise necessary for in-house bond issuance, giving your business a better chance at sourcing, winning, and securing contracts that require bonding. We understand the sometimes confusing and unique nature of surety requirements. Whether it’s to guarantee performance or financial capability, our Construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can secure the bonds you need, quickly and accurately.



In the insurance world a lot of times you will see bonds requested in the following ways:


Surety Bond
A surety bond is a contract between three parties. The person who is the recipient of an obligation, the primary party who will perform the contractual obligation, and the person who assures the obligation will be done.


Lost title Bond
These bonds are a type of surety bond. They provide a proof and guarantee of ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicles. When no other form of documentation is available a Lost Title Bond shows the MVD that you are the “owner” of said vehicle.


Contract Surety Bond
Contractor bonds are one of the most “popular” bonds you will see asked for in the insurance space. Contract bonds are used in the construction industry by general contractors. They are a guarantee to a project’s owner that the general contractor will adhere to the contract put in place.


License and Permit Bonds
These types of bonds function as a guarantee to a government entity that a company will comply with a statute, state law, ordinance, etc.
Some examples are but not limited to:

  • Contractor’s License Bonds
  • Tax Bond
  • Environmental Bonds
  • Broker’s Bonds
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds


Our job as an independent insurance provider is to help you navigate a cumbersome system in finding the best fit for your bond requirements. We can help you find your bond needs, provide you with your bond, and help you get it to the party requesting.